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Introducing The World's First

Microcurrent Face Mask

designed for Men

For men's skin of all ages
Why FRANZ Skincare for Men?

FRANZ Skincare introduced The World's First Microcurrent at-home Face Mask and additional products exclusively for men.  Having showcased at The Academy of Anti-Aging Expo and Cosmoprof 2018 with exceptional customer reviews!

FRANZ’s Tissue X™ Technology is a transdermal drug delivery technology.  It is a joint effort by experts from biotech, microfluid dynamics, dermatology and electrochemistry.

Tissue X™ Technology delivers nutrients to the inner skin. FRANZ applied this technology to skin care.  The Dual Mask Microcurrent System, a main product by FRANZ, improves skin condition fundamentally with its main ingredient - micro molecular hyaluronic acid.

The only product where technology meets Skincare for Men at an affordable price.


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Before & After


Results vary by skin type.  However this customer sent us his before and after pictures after using the Homme Men's Dual Microcurrent Face Mask twice a week for the first week then once a week - his results - AMAZING!

Thanks for the photos Matt, looking great dude!  Cover of GQ Magazine soon?!

What You Say About Us
“Amazing! as a 43 year old man, I need to keep my eyes looking good - this is a unique product!” 

Product: Wrinkle Away - Eye Mask

Brett M.

“Eco-friendly and easy to use” 

Product: Homme Micro-current Face Mask

Andrew R.

“Highest quality Aftershave I've ever used - Won't go back tony old product” 

Product: FRANZ Men's Aftershave

Christopher T.

“Damn, the results are amazing, if you are a guy in his 30s you must try this face mask, unlike any other and you feel and looked refreshed after 2 uses” 

Product: FRANZ Homme Men's Dual Microcurrent Face Mask

Enrique G.

FRANZ Skincare for Men can be found at luxury men's spas in:

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Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

New York, NY

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