FRANZ is an innovative skincare brand who opened a new horizon of mask category and presents various dual mask system with the Essence, Serum, Ampoule products which can have synergy efficacy when you use together. Over an year after launched, preferred by numerous global influencers, FRANZ got Innovation Award (June, 2016) and nominated as 40 remarkable brands to get invited to ‘Discover Beauty Spotlight’ in Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2018.


Tissue X™ is the world’s first TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System) technology that conveniently delivers the benefits of iontophoresis treatments to your skin.The result is clearer, smoother, hydrated skin, and long lasting benefits that minimize and even reverse the signs of aging. Unlike existing iontophoresis skincare treatments in the market, Tissue X™ does not require any devices, equipment, electricity or battery power to generate microcurrents. Instead, it delivers the same macromolecule compounds – hyaluronic acid, peptide, and vitamin C, much deeper into skin than its traditional counterparts, through the process of passive fusion.